Several times a year we do a special edition of the Friday Five, sharing three important, quick reads in a single area. This time we focus on leadership.

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The Two Contagious Behaviors of a Great Boss

All bosses know that their behavior is contagious. Unfortunately, many of them can’t distinguish between the kinds of behavioral tactics that make teams stronger and those likely to backfire. Here, Sam Walker, author of The Captain Class: A New Theory of Leadership, uses George Washington to illustrate the two contagious leadership behaviors that lead to superior results. [WASHINGTON POST]


Don’t Try to Be the “Fun Boss” — and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership

5 tips gleaned from a 3500-person study of leaders at 30 international businesses. The goal of the work was to answer this question: What should today’s leaders do to build trust with their teams and the public? [HBR]


Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters?

McKinsey came up with a comprehensive list of 20 distinct leadership traits and then surveyed 189,000 people across 81 organizations to find out which were most important to performance. The result: leaders in organizations with high-quality leadership teams typically displayed only 4 of the 20 possible types of behavior; these 4, indeed, explained 89% of the variance between strong and weak organizations in terms of leadership effectiveness. [MCKINSEY]