Innovation Forum

Having a sustained, diverse, well-balanced innovation pipeline is a key to driving long-term growth. A GrowthPilot Innovation Forum is a good idea whenever:

  • You don’t have enough innovation ideas in your pipeline to ensure your future; and/or

  • The ideas you have are only aimed at your existing customers and markets.

Before facilitating the meeting, we research the potential innovation space—including areas where your manufacturing, material or other capabilities could reach new customers and new markets—and also engage broad-gauge Subject Matter Experts who can deliver an entirely new perspective. We

then facilitate a focused, one-day discussion around the chosen innovation topic. The results include detailed notes from the discussions, next steps, a roster of fresh, new ideas and, regularly, breakthrough innovations. In order to be effective, the Forum requires the participation of your entire team; if key decision-makers do not participate, acting on the results is often difficult.