A GrowthPilot iPScout locates and evaluates promising early-stage technologies that can allow you to leap-frog your competition and drive new growth.

It’s a collaborative project that gives you visibility into a broad array of technologies at research universities and small spin-out companies world-wide, winnows down the list to those with the most promise and then delivers deep information on those you deem most interesting.  The analysis always provides you with a full IP background on the technologies, an analysis of the potential for acquisition and a view of potential competition.


An iPScout takes 90 days and requires minimal time from your team, typically four hours total. The output is a series of  reports delivered at one-month intervals that present a number of technologies/acquisition targets that may solve your need. As the process continues, we select the most promising targets from each report and continue to develop deeper and deeper information about them. By the conclusion of the project, you will have a complete understanding of the remaining candidates, the people behind them, their place in the competitive landscape, likely acquisition costs, further development that may be necessary, and the role each candidate might play in your future growth. As with all our projects, we make concrete recommendations regarding the direction you should take.


  • Gain visibility into early-stage technologies well in advance of your competitors.
  • Contrast and compare the nuances of varying technical approaches to the problem you wish to solve.
  • Examine strategic acquisition options anonymously.
  • Take new technologies off the table, preventing competitive acquisition.
  • Gain an objective lens on emerging technology while avoiding the biases of internal experts.


An iPScout consists of four phases:

  • Discovery: Working together, we craft a Problem Statement that defines the goals and deliverables for the project; by knowing the “why?” behind your request, we are often able to identify acquisitions that can solve your challenge in a different way than any of us envision at the outset of the project. We then host a kick-off meeting with your team to  gather the information you already have about the opportunity: we want to rapidly build on your knowledge, not duplicate it.
  • Scan: GrowthPilot conducts a global search unearth possible technologies and/or acquisition targets. We develop a high-level description of each potential target and then meet with your team to review the results and jointly select targets that will proceed to the Screen phase.
  • Screen: GrowthPilot develops deeper information on each remaining target based on the discussions at the conclusions of the Scan phase; we are not simply following a process, we are adjusting it dynamically as we progress to ensure that you get the information you need to make decisions. We then meet with your team to review the results and jointly select the most interesting remaining targets for Vet.
  • Vet Analysis: GrowthPilot initiates a ‘deep dive’ on the selected targets. Our customized work delivers an analysis of the effort required to effectively position and integrate the remaining targets in their current state.  For example, if there are five similar technologies of interest, the Vet report examines all five and the space around them.

An iPScout concludes with our delivery of detailed project proposals including plans, budgets, time frames, investments required, descriptions of the remaining targets, and an analysis of translational research that may need to be completed. In addition to providing a comprehensive view of the target opportunities, this document serves as internal collateral, allowing you to rapidly and efficiently communicate the possibilities to your peers.