Discover a Path to Predictable Growth

GrowthPilot has been helping manufacturers eliminate obstacles to growth for 15 years. Sometimes our assistance is quite specific, accelerating the movement of a single idea to market or locating an acquisition to augment your capabilities. At other times it is foundational, transferring our knowledge of best practices and hidden obstacles so you can build organic capabilities over time.

If you are looking for the latter, below are examples of some of our seminars and diagnostics. We call these “examples” because we don’t believe in one-size-fits all methodologies. We’ll listen to your goals, draw on our deep experience, and design something tailored to what you need right now.

Innovation Diagnostic

Even if you have a solid understanding of the special challenges posed by innovation projects, it’s hard to do well: existing staffing levels are designed to support the important demands of the Formal Process, and team members don’t have the resources to attack innovation ideas that don’t follow the same rules.

Nevertheless, there are best practices you can turn to for guidance, and a GrowthPilot Innovation Diagnostic will help you tap into this distilled wisdom. Our team will conduct dozens of interviews to turn up the good, the bad and the hidden in your current processes, examining idea generation, triage and prioritization as well as providing an analysis of your innovation organization, the involvement of senior management and the transition of projects into your Formal Process. We will also perform an in depth examination of several of your projects to discover why they succeeded or why they failed.

Once this information is gathered, we will provide you with a qualitative report describing the results of the interviews, our analysis of the projects and comparing your processes to known best practices. The goal is not to get you to overhaul the system; instead, we will provide you with minimally invasive changes you can make that will give you a fast return and begin to bend your growth curve in the right direction.

We don’t talk about innovation a lot because the term has become so overused it’s almost worthless. But innovation is a real thing, and we know its secrets, not in an academic sense, but in a “here’s how it works on the ground” sense.

If you are frustrated by the pace of innovation at your company,  the quickest path to a solution is gaining an understanding of these secrets. This interactive seminar distills our fifteen years of experience working on innovation projects with some of the most respected companies in the world, tying that experience to decades of research into innovation best practices. You will learn:

➔Why your formal (Stage Gate) process destroys many innovations.

➔Why innovation projects must be managed differently.

➔The characteristics shared by people who excel on innovation teams.

➔Typical innovation pitfalls and how to avoid them.

➔How understanding innovation at its most basic level can dramatically change your growth curve.

This seminar will jump-start your growth efforts and illuminate a path to success.

A Practical Guide to Innovation

Innovation and the Engaged Executive

This interactive seminar will help your entire executive team understand their critical role in the success of innovation projects and pave the way to greater success in seizing true growth opportunities outside your core.

The outcome of your innovation processes as applied to any single idea is uncertain, and you will have a number of failed ideas for every one that becomes a commercial success. Given this, initiatives must have executive support at the highest levels, support from an exec who:

➔Understands the challenges that early-stage projects face in large corporations,

➔Understands the necessity for rapid iteration and learning, and

➔Has the authority and audacity, sometimes under intense pressure, to maintain support for the process with vision, strategy, climate and—most importantly—resources.

This seminar will teach you how innovation works, why it is difficult to do well, what you can expect as you get better at it, and what your role is in the process.

As we all know by now, megatrends are an important input for strategic planning. But how can we harness them to drive growth?

A GrowthPilot Megatrends Workshop unites your understanding of how a megatrend might impact your business with a powerful process designed to move you rapidly from knowledge to action. We bring in outside experts to ensure that we don’t miss hidden risks and unexpected opportunities both in megatrends that will obviously impact your business and in those where the impact is less certain.

The result: a ranked group of refined problem statements from which you will launch targeted projects aimed directly at where the world is moving.

Megatrends Workshop