Our Process

We work for you by working with you

Every GrowthPilot project is customized, built from the ground up to deliver the information you need within the context of your goals and your capabilities. But they have many things in common, combining our ability to rapidly gather, analyze, and contextualize data with your technical expertise.

Gather Knowledge

Working together, we craft a Problem Statement that defines the goals and deliverables for the project. We then host a kick-off meeting with your team to learn about your capabilities and gather the information you already have about the opportunity: we want to rapidly build on your knowledge, not duplicate it.

Early Investigation

We spend the first several weeks of every project building our knowledge foundation for the space, learning about customer needs, existing products and competitors, growth characteristics, and competing technologies. Our early investigation creates a framework for the project, allowing us to focus on the areas that matter most as the project progresses.

Interim Report

We prepare a short, tight interim report memorializing the framework that emerged from our early investigation and communicating the direction we see developing for the project. If the Problem Statement needs to be changed because starting assumptions proved incorrect, this is where we make those changes to ensure the project delivers maximum value and adjusts to the reality on the ground.

Deep Investigation

We dig in and develop deep information on the technologies, industries, and markets surrounding the opportunity, focusing our efforts on the areas of deepest uncertainty and the areas where resolution of even minor uncertainties is likely to be decisive: unlike a market report, we design our projects to deliver the information you need to make decisions.

Analysis and Insight

Information only becomes useful when it is organized, and this is a key part of our value proposition. We don’t dump a mountain of data on you and ask you to interpret it. Instead, we sift through the mountain, extract the most important parts, and think deeply about their implications for your goals within the context of your organization and your capabilities.

Final Report

We take all the information we gathered, organize it into a story, and present our findings together with concrete recommendations regarding next steps. You won’t always agree with our recommendations, but you will know exactly where they came from and have all the data we utilized to arrive at them. Every project includes an executive summary so you can get to the most important information efficiently.

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