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Find your path to growth

We've been assisting some of the most innovative companies in the world for fifteen years, working within their teams to investigate new product ideas aimed at new markets. Let us put this experience to work for you, showing you a path to sustained growth.



Find new markets for existing products and technologies

Expand your capacity to deeply investigate your most promising ideas

Locate smaller acquisition targets (often missed by corporate M&A) to complete a strategic vision

Find the best first markets for a new-to-the-world technology or material, maximizing early wins to fund growth

Build or improve processes that drive high growth opportunities outside your core

Locate new technologies or materials needed to complete a product vision

Uncover transformational opportunities in new domains and develop a roster of ideas for deeper investigation

Get a rapid (2-week) answer to a critical question about an early-stage idea: is there value here?

Discover if an acquisition target is the best fit for your strategic goals or if—post-closing—you should divest certain assets

Sort your early ideas to separate those with the greatest chance of success from those you should leave behind

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