Our Work

Accelerating your growth by
optimizing what you already do well.

We've been assisting some of the most innovative companies in the world for fifteen years, working within their teams to investigate new product ideas aimed at new markets, fix process challenges holding back their growth, and locate critical technologies they needed to complete a project vision.

Below you will find examples of a wide variety these projects. All have been redacted to protect client/product information, and none are competitively sensitive.

Getting a Business Unit Back on Track

A Fortune 100 client had a business unit that was not getting new products to market at the pace the company needed and asked GrowthPilot to figure out why. Over a tight, six-week period, we interviewed 23 executives and R&D personnel, conducted an online survey of many more, examined hundreds of pages of stage-gate reports, and compared our client’s processes to dozens of other client processes. This report was the result. Today, the problematic BU is one of the top growth units of the company.

RESULT: In 2016 the Business Unit’s growth was slightly negative. In 2017, it was the second fastest growing BU in the company with a year-over-year gain of more than 13%.

Evaluating a Technological Adjacency

A global sensor company was interested in beginning to compete in the automotive CMOS sensors market and asked GrowthPilot to locate high-value unmet needs that might be a target for R&D work or potential acquisitions. We took a look and strongly recommended that our client not pursue this market further.

RESULT: Our client followed our recommendation, did not invest further in the target market, and moved its resources to more promising concepts.

Locating the Best First Markets for a New Technology

A client invented a revolutionary new material with a primary focus on a single market and asked GrowthPilot to locate other markets that presented significant opportunities. In this project—the first phase of a 3-phase effort—we considered 46 applications, narrowing this broad list down to the 7 most interesting for advancement to the next stage of the process.

RESULT: Our client is actively engaged with ideal first customers we identified (two in Europe and one in North America); all are in different markets, none of which were under serious consideration when the project began.

Locating Technologies to Complete a Product Vision

A global packaging company needed to locate technologies that could be implemented to wirelessly monitor and track food packaging. This report is the Executive Summary of a much larger document and the third phase of a 3-phase project.

Rapidly Answering a Critical Project Uncertainty

A client was trying to decide whether to continue development of an additive that could prevent the formation of biofilms and asked GrowthPilot if such a material would solve unmet needs in the market. In this fast, 2-week project, we answered the question, provided high-level market growth information, and made concrete recommendations for next steps in the development effort.