Portfolio and Process Assessment

Concerned you may be putting the future of your company at risk because your growth portfolio does not contain the proper balance of core, adjacent and transformational initiatives?

A Portfolio and Process Assessment—which uses in-person interviews, online surveys and a deep analysis of your actual portfolio—is a comprehensive review of your innovation process and existing initiatives that results in detailed conclusions and actionable recommendations for improvement.

The output is a detailed report and executive summary that includes:

  • A simple, one-page dashboard describing your innovation portfolio.

  • A comprehensive analysis of your innovation process that illuminates both obstacles to success and the things you are doing well.

  • A detailed examination of your innovation portfolio by innovation type, stage of development, impact and other factors.

  • A comparison of your portfolio measured against your internal goals and GrowthPilot-recommended best practices.

  • Action items that can be implemented immediately to improve your processes and your portfolio.