Quick Look

Get a fast answer a critical question about an unfamiliar market space: is there value here? A Quick Look is completed in only two weeks, and we designed it to both identify and answer the critical question when considering the technology, industry and market ecosystem where your idea may launch.

It’s a perfect tool for rapid decision-making when you find your project slowing down because you lack information in a key area of concern.

Typical Questions

  • Given our proposed value proposition, is there room for our technology in this space?

  • Are there unmet needs in our target market that we might be able to solve?

  • What are the capabilities of likely competitors in our target market?

Recent Problem Statements

  • Is the move to USB C with its higher power and higher data speeds creating a need for more advanced materials inside USB cabling?

  • Are plastic capacitive touch screens being used in mobile devices and automotive, and—if not—why not?

  • Is there a need for anti-bacterial coatings inside water lines in dental offices?