Bill Donges is an entrepreneur and business change agent. He is a senior partner at GrowthPilot and also holds roles as Managing Director/Founder of Conflulytics, Managing Director/Founder of MySnapCam and Managing Director/Founder Diligent Droids and Advisor to several growth stage companies. In addition, he is an entrepreneur mentor at the Georgia Tech Venture Lab and was an Adjunct Professor at Georgia Tech teaching entrepreneurial finance and leadership.

Over the course of a successful career, he is recognized for moving underperforming businesses forward, developing new value propositions, and re-engineering growth in sales and earnings in existing businesses and starting new ones.

His experience has been as a CEO, COO, and President with experience managing P&L’s from $1M to $1BM for both public and private companies.

Bill has successfully created turn-around and growth strategies that have improved productivity with the use of key performance indicators. His insight and skill has increased profits for several growth companies.

In just the past five years Bill:

  • Designed and developed a graduate level leadership course for the School of Architecture at GEORGIA TECH. This initiative was taken upon the request from the Dean of the School of Architecture. He taught the course until it was merged into the school’s Leadership Certificate Program.

  • Founded and grew a startup IoT software company that solved a simple market problem. He wanted to have the ability to see video of his granddaughter thru an app on a smart device from a remote location with cloud storage, voice activation and notifications. Today, for that company, MySnapCam, he has raised over $5 MM in growth capital, licensed its software to Fortune 500 juvenile market companies, and has over 375,000 moms viewing their babies from their smart devices utilizing this technology. Several new startups are being formed with his help from this software platform.

  • He is a consultant with two Fortune 100 companies regarding their ability to take to the Data Analytics market their combined IP in the form of a new SaaS product. Bill is currently the interim CEO of this company developing the initial marketing and capital strategy. With their joint IP, Bill has formed a new startup entity called Conflulytics. The company is funded and hiring new employees.

  • He recently consulted with and mentored Dr. Andrea Thomaz of Georgia Tech’s Artificial Intelligence/Innovation Lab to successfully achieve an NSF grant and complete the I-Corps three month program. This program focused on the application of innovative, ideation and customer discovery. During I-Corps, the team was very successful in designing a business model, utilizing a business model canvas, conducted customer discovery (175 C- level interviews in 6 weeks), pivoting the marketing approach and building the pitch deck to present this innovation to the market.  Bill formed the company, Diligent Droids, to take Healthcare Robots to the hospital market. The company has received VC funding.

  • Bill is a frequent guest lecturer at classes in Entrepreneurial Finance at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University. These lectures cover basic finance topics, rapid idea generation, business model design and development. He frequently mentors c-level executives in early stage business development and model design.

  • Bill was the COO of Mycelx, a clean water green environmental company from, 2011 thru 2013. He was asked by the Board of Directors to assume the role of COO to take the company public and scale its operations. During his 2.5 years in this position the company grew from $2MM to $30 MM in revenue. He repositioned the product and services to the Oil & Gas industry, and the company became a global market leader in a niche market for hardware, technology and services related to clean water.

  • Bill is an advisor to Process Miner, an early stage growth company, in the sensor and software business (SaaS) market. His role is to create a successful business development strategy, capital plan and product design. With his help the company completed a business model redo and executed a strategic partnership and license with the industry leader. Currently, a member of the Board.

  • He is an invited guest speaker at numerous forums on technology and startup formation including The Wireless Technology Forum, SMU Cox School of Business, Shark Attack, etc.

Bill’s extensive operations management background has enabled him to quickly identify profit leaks and areas needing improvement that will lead to increased profitability in established companies. He has helped companies get to the next level by identifying the causes of corporate inefficiencies.

His passion is helping organizations realize and attain their full potential. Bill is interested in providing trusted council and actionable advice to entrepreneurs and business owners.

He has demonstrated industry expertise in the software, hardware, services, manufacturing and clean tech, healthcare, logistics, and chemical and internet sectors.

Bill received his Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Naval Academy and his Master’s in Business from DePaul University and Mercy College.

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