James Throckmorton is one of the firm’s founders. He has advised CEOs of manufacturing and technology companies for more than 25 years. As an operating executive and an advisor, he has worked with boards of directors of both private and public companies. James has worked with university researchers while analyzing technologies and has conducted more than 100 market, industry and technology analyses in the energy, biomedical and enabling technologies spaces. The process of discovery that he developed at the intersection of markets, industries and technologies provides the foundation for the GrowthPilot process.

Previously, James held a broad range of senior management positions including marketing, sales, operations, materials management, purchasing, new product development and finance in the US and Europe. He was an instructor at Ohio State and holds degrees from Ohio State University (BS, Mathematics; MS, Computer and Information Science) and the University of Minnesota (Executive MBA).

James is a member of the board of TiFiber LLC and the Atlanta Chamber Players. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling to unique places to watch birds.

jt@growthpilot.com • 404.961.7662