Innovation Portfolio Triage

An IPT is most valuable when you have a long list of competing ideas for projects, but differing points of view as to priorities: it cuts through the noise to find the best candidates for further investment.

The process results in ranking the opportunities based on objective criteria, eliminating internal bias from your decision-making and focusing you on the growth opportunities with the best chance of succeeding in the market.

An IPT includes:

  • A joint effort to objectively analyze potential innovation projects.

  • A GrowthPilot-led discussion of each candidate project to facilitate a consensus rating.

  • A project rating across 6-10 categories using an anchored scale system to ensure objectivity.  We work with you to choose the categories before the meeting, building categories that align with your growth goals and strategic objectives.

  • Example categories for candidate projects might include:

—    Your ability to exploit the technology

—    Size of potential market

—    Time to develop

—     Complexity of the development effort

—     Overall probability of success

—     Customer/market need