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Funding risky growth opportunities while fighting for quarterly results is a tough balancing act, and not getting it right can lead to disaster, sacrificing next year’s profits to meet this year’s financial demands. If you’re weary of this fight and want to find a better, more predictable way to generate growth, we should have a conversation: we’ve been helping companies like yours turn this dynamic on its head for fifteen years.

Your executives have plenty of good growth ideas, but moving them from the drawing board to revenue often proves elusive. How do you gather the information you need to make confident investment decisions, determine which projects have the greatest chance of market success, and then fund the right ones? We’ve helped dozens of companies like yours break this log jam, rapidly delivering actionable data and filling your product pipeline with true growth opportunities.

Who we work with

Manufacturing companies, large and small

We work with companies of almost any size, from the Fortune 100 to tightly-focused, $50 million private firms. The challenges these companies face are certainly different, but the central need to adapt, develop new products, enter new markets, access new customers, and grow revenue are common to all.  Enabling this is what we do.

Who we are

A team with deep strategic experience and technical sophistication

GrowthPilot partners have decades of executive experience in large companies, both public and private, in the US and Europe. Because we’ve led organizations in operations, R&D, marketing, product management, finance and legal, we know the information executives need to make investment decisions: we’ve been in your shoes. We all have technical backgrounds, both academically and in our professional lives, and we augment this background with a team that includes PhDs in engineering disciplines and hard sciences.

John Bacon

John Bacon has spent his entire executive career creating growth from early stage technology, building out businesses in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, taking software companies public, and monetizing inventions from university spin-outs. He holds a Georgia Tech engineering degree and has completed advanced work at both HBS and Wharton.

James Throckmorton

James Throckmorton has advised CEOs of manufacturing and technology companies for 25 years, and earlier held a broad range of senior positions in the US and Europe including marketing, sales, operations, new product development, and finance. He holds degrees from Ohio State (BS, Math; MS, Computer Science) and the University of Minnesota (MBA).


Bill Weber has spent his career turning strategy into results in a variety of executive roles in public technology companies and as a decorated combat leader in the Marine Corps. He has deep operational and legal experience and has has testified before Congress on technology issues. Bill holds a BS from the US Naval Academy and an LLM from the University of Georgia.

Bill King

William P. King, Ph.D. is GrowthPilot’s Senior Advisor. He holds an endowed chair at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and has published more than 225 journal articles. He has been founder, adviser, or director at a dozen early stage and growth stage technology companies, and Technology Review Magazine named him a person whose innovations will change the world. Dr. King holds a PhD from Stanford and completed the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School.

About us

Delivering actionable insights

We work with manufacturing companies like yours in a variety of industries—chemicals, materials, plastics, industrial equipment, electrical equipment, forest products, sensors, coatings, consumer products, healthcare, medical devices, imaging equipment, etc.—to help you achieve growth by reaching opportunities in new markets aimed at customers beyond your core. Working as part of your team, we help:

  • Expand your capacity to test early-stage ideas, delivering the information you need to make investment decisions or intelligently stop projects that are unlikely to succeed;
  • Identify and repair process and philosophy challenges preventing you from getting the growth you want;
  • Locate technologies (or acquisition targets) needed to complete a product or strategic vision;
  • Sort your innovation ideas to identify those with the greatest chance of success;
  • Find new markets for your existing products and technologies; and
  • Build customized projects to assist with a broad array of early-stage innovation challenges such as locating the best first market for a new chemical/material, identifying unmet needs in target markets to guide R&D efforts, and managing bench-to-bench collaboration between target customers and your internal R&D.

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GrowthPilot is headquartered in the Historic Biltmore in the heart of Atlanta's Technology Square.

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