In the course of our research for clients, we come across emerging technologies, new materials, new chemistries, growing markets, changing regulatory landscapes, innovative business models, and much more. Every other Friday, we pick five articles, videos, or podcasts that we found interesting and send them your way.


An Energy Breakthrough Could Store Power for Decades

For decades, scientists have sought an affordable and effective way of capturing, storing, and releasing solar energy. Researchers in Sweden say they have a solution that would allow the power of the sun’s rays to be used across a range of consumer applications—heating everything from homes to vehicles. [BLOOMBERG]


New Catalyst Efficiently Produces Hydrogen from Seawater

In work described in Nature Communications , researchers from the University of Houston reported a significant breakthrough this week: alkaline seawater electrolysis using inexpensive oxygen and hydrogen evolution catalysts that achieves industrially-required current densities at record low voltages. [UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON]


If You Can Manage a Waffle House, You Can Manage Anything

Running a 24-hour budget diner isn’t glamorous, but it forces leaders to serve others with speed, stamina and zero entitlement. Here’s how an unpretentious management training program offers those who can take it a crash course in leadership. [WSJ]


Drones Make First Home Prescription Deliveries

Partnering with competing drone companies and pharmacies, UPS (Flight Forward – CVS) and FedEx (Google’s Wing Aviation – Walgreens) recently completed drone delivery of medications to private residences. The deliveries in North Carolina and Virginia were the first of their kind under a pilot program approved by U.S. regulators; commercial drone rules for U.S. airspace are expected in 2021. [REUTERS | FEDEX]


Wildlife Using Florida’s Wildlife Crossings

When the Florida Department of Transportation decided to build wildlife passageways under major highways, they included wildlife cameras which have now captured rare Florida panthers, bears, alligators, fox, bobcats, and other animals making use of the throughways. [FDOT]