Opportunity Assessment

Get an independent, objective analysis of a growth opportunity aimed at markets outside your core. We evaluate the intersection of the idea with relevant technologies, industries and markets, dramatically reducing uncertainty and allowing you to make rapid investment decisions.

THE GOAL: Rapidly identify the growth ideas with the best chance for commercialization and intelligently stop those with little promise.


An Opportunity Assessment takes 30-40 days and requires minimal time from your team, typically two hours total.  The output is a 40-50 page report describing the technology behind the idea, its intersection with existing and new markets, the competitive landscape, the intellectual property landscape, additional research tailored to the needs of the project, and, most importantly, conclusions and recommendations about the direction you should take.


  • Discover unmet market needs to create targets for R&D focus
  • Find adjacencies in need of your existing products
  • Landscape unfamiliar growth markets to learn their contours and see where your company can participate
  • Find out if a start-up/university spin-out/small company typically overlooked by corporate M&A has a market approach or technology you could leverage


Unlike a market report, we design every Opportunity Assessment from the ground up to deliver actionable recommendations tailored to your growth goals. We recently concluded Opportunity Assessments addressing these questions:

  • A client division with diverse sensor offerings asked GrowthPilot to determine if they should attempt to participate in the rapid growth of the CMOS sensor market in automotive.
  • A client healthcare division interested in expanding into dental asked GrowthPilot to make recommendations regarding leading technologies in the accelerated orthodontics market.
  • A client with interests in the home heating industry asked GrowthPilot to make recommendations regarding their possible entry into the Smart Connected Home market.
  • A client division interested in building out a new sensor platform with technology emerging from R&D asked GrowthPilot to identify unmet needs in an array of markets to focus further development.