Dr. Lynn Murray is a Senior Associate at GrowthPilot. Lynn grew up in Marietta, GA and joined GrowthPilot in 2014 after returning to the Atlanta area.

Lynn has a broad interdisciplinary engineering background which includes cell biology, polymer chemistry, semiconductor fabrication, and nanotechnology. She has previously worked as an editor for academic publications and laboratory superintendent, and spent time as a visiting academic in both Australia and New Zealand. Lynn earned a PhD in Biomaterials Engineering through the University of Canterbury (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) in Christchurch, New Zealand and has a BS in Biomedical Engineering with a specialty in biomechanics from University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she spent four years as a student-athlete for the women’s soccer team.

In her spare time Lynn enjoys playing all manner of sports, particularly competitive soccer and tennis, learning new computer programs, traveling, reading, watching classic movies and cheering on Atlanta’s hopeless sports teams.